Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leftover risotto, anyone?

There's one thing I'm not willing to compromise on: leftover risotto. Don't get me wrong: I don't like throwing away food. But really, what could be worse than a bowl of reheated risotto?

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating. I can think of a few things worse than that. But really, when you think of what that gooey thing in a tupperware in your fridge used to be, it feels like blasphemy to reheat it and eat it as if it were actually any good. I'd rather eat a sandwich, or just bread with butter, or even cereal with cold milk. (Somehow, I can't think of few things more depressing than having cereal with milk for dinner. But that's just me.)

So, what do you do with leftover risotto? For a while, I would just make sure there wasn't such a thing. This means I was constantly terrified of making too much risotto, unless I knew someone would volunteer to eat and eat until the end. (I won't name names.)

Until we finally thought of The Obvious.

Risotto balls

What you need:
-Leftover risotto. (Basil risotto is our favorite for this.)
-Bread crumbs.
-Goat cheese. (Please, no matter what you do: don't leave it out.)
-Grapeseed oil. (Or any other oil you have that withstands high temperatures and doesn't have a strong flavor.)

What you will do:

-Make little balls of risotto with your hands.
-Stick a piece of goat cheese in the middle, and reshape.
-Cover the risotto balls with bread crumbs using your favorite method.
-Fry in very hot oil until golden.
-Eat immediately, preferably with finely chopped tomatoes that you've left to marinate with some garlic, balsamic, olive oil and a little bit of orange peel. And of course, some sea salt and black pepper. But I didn't need to tell you that.


Phyllo-sopher said...

How do you make risotto?

Sock Monkey said...

Sounds good! You can also make little patties out of the risotto, dip into egg and flour, and pan fry. :)

Pauletta said...

yum! though I must admit...I am quite fond of cold risotto leftovers, eaten straight from the container, preferably in front of the open fridge...

Shen-yi said...

what you have described sounds a lot like the sicillian dish of arancini!


incidentally, i think arancini are the most delightful thing in the world.

chiaretta said...

risotto balls --> aka arancini. The best on-the-go food ever to emerge from the culinary mastermind that is italy (in this case sicily). You can have them 'al burro' with a cheese (mozarella or similar) filling or 'alla carne' with a simple ragu' filling. Yummy. My personal favourite way to have left over risotto (if it ever happens!) is to make thin risotto 'burgers' and fry them in a pan with a tiny bit of olive oil until they are nice and crispy. Either way risotto rules!