Thursday, December 13, 2007

alright, peeps...

i'm happy to see that new soldiers have joined our ranks. may i suggest that you newbies either (a) create profiles that will help the rest of the brigade will be able to recognize you? i think i can figure out who cocoa chanel is, but some of the other pseudonyms are not telling enough.

also, here's a quick recipe for one of the tastiest breakfasts ever:


Goat cheese, a lot of
avocado, at least one for every two people
limes, some
a pinch of (preferably good [e.g., freshly ground sea]) salt
your favorite toastable bread


Put bread in toaster.

Cut avocado open, slice up and scoop insides into a bowl. Mix in lime juice and salt to taste. (I like to leave it chunky, but you can make it as smooth a mixture as you like.) Set aside.

Spread goat cheese on toasted and slightly (but not too much) cooled bread.

Spread avocado goodness on top of goat cheese.

Eat. Accompany with a cup of black tea with lemon and honey. Or your favorite morning blend.

Variations and additions:

A variation by Wutan Smash - mix the avocado goodness and goat cheese together before spreading on toast. Note: this is not for purists.

A good addition to this is creamy scrambled eggs--the kind alejandro makes.

Also, smoked salmon complements these flavors well.

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