Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's here!

So, we have a new blog.

I hereby declare a few rules:

(1) Real names are boring.

(2) Whenever you make something really yummy, share it.

(3) If you think of a better name for the blog, or a better address, or a better subtitle, let me know. I'm not *wild* about these, I just couldn't waste more time thinking carefully about them. I'm already taking a lengthy procrastination break to create this thing.

(4) Others are more than welcome to join. Let me know whom to add. You can also add them yourself.



vavavoom said...

i think we should invite agustin. he's interested in learning to make exactly these kinds of recipes. also, nina expressed some interest.

Sock Monkey said...

Good idea!

Cocoa Chanel said...

You must add Paulina! If it's delicious and super-healthy and fresh, she knows how to make it.