Thursday, December 13, 2007

giggle peas

today's piece of trivia: one of the few endearing features of the native tongue of kant, hegel and fichte is that chickpeas are called 'kichererbsen', i.e. giggle peas. not sure about the etymology of that...
the following is one of my stand-by lunches when I was very hungry the night before and am faced with no leftovers.

chickpea salad (makes enough for one)

the basics:
one can of chickpeas (alias garbanzos)
a hand full of freshly grated parmesan or pecorino
half a lemon
good sea salt and freshly ground pepper
a glug of olive oil

rinse the chickpeas and put them into your lunch tupperware. squeeze in the lemon juice, pour over the olive oil. add a few grinds of pepper, the parmesan and salt to taste.

you can upgrade, depending on the contents of your fridge and your patience. any of the following is nice:
a grated carrot
some fresh chopped parsley
some chopped avocado

I must say, I like the basic best. some bread to mop up the dressing is nice.

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Sock Monkey said...

Wow, I make almost the same thing! I tend to use a whole lemon, though--juice and zest--and I don't add any cheese. I'll have to try it with parmesan next time. :)

I like "giggle peas"!